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Beauty packaging is something I love designing here at The Crown Designs. I came across this article which lists “5 advances and packaging trends in the beauty universe” which I found to be quite interesting.

1. Combining form and function

For a long time, design has been associated with the look and the form. But in the mid-2000s, it appears associated with the function, so it adds value to the product.

Design encompasses ease of use and product performance—and it is essential for cosmetics. Some specific systems are much more than packaging, because they can change the product formulation [5]. For example, with a spray or foam, the physical form of a product can be modified. With a spray, the main ideas are to disperse the droplets, to create jet, to scatter the particles. With foam, there is production of small bubbles of gas, the gas is suspended in a liquid, there is effervescence, it can fizz or form bubbles [6].

Definitely, an aerosol is much more than just a package, because it is a pack that contains, protects, delivers a dose and is allowed to modify product textures. Sometimes it offers new sensations associated with visual and audible interactions.

With an aerosol package, a liquid-like substance can vary from the food area (liquid in bottle) to the care product area (water in spray) [6]. An aerosol spray uses gas or a mechanical pump process and can improve the product application on a larger surface easily (say, for perfume or sunscreen). The spray can modify the texture of product because gel, cream or foam can be created with this packaging system. Many new high-tech pumps empower the user to transform liquid formulas in a single press to produce a greater volume of luxurious foam that spreads easily onto the skin (foam color) (see Figure 1: Spray and foam examples).

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This past April The Crown Designs had the pleasure of designing the branding and packaging for Maraboo Cosmetics. You can view the design of the Maraboo brand logo and and packaging for the “Herbatomic” Growth Oil here. Read below to learn more about Maraboo Cosmetics from the founder Syndie Prevost!

Maraboo Cosmetic is a natural hair care line made with 100% organic ingredients using nature -given treasures such as herbs and plants. At the Maraboo society we believe long lasting hair growth starts from the inside. With a steady line of Metabolism cleansing tea, scalp detox tea, Herbatomic hair growth pills and oil; we are making sure the ground work for hair growth is guaranteed. Followed with a moisture and strength line of Shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner and stylers; we aim to provide strength, growth and maintenance to our natural stresses. Through education, support, and guidance; our mission is to help you to achieve a HEALTHIER HAIR, HEALTHIER YOU.

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Syndie was fully involved in the design process of her brand and came up with the initial concept for the logo which included an image of a woman’s face with an afro and red lips, and accent of the red flower. The Crown Designs brought her vision to life and exceed her expectations.