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One thing that many people tend to be unaware of is the difference between good and bad packaging design. In this blog, we will look at a few of the differences between the two. A well-designed package can be incredibly effective and ultimately play a role in getting your customer to purchase your product, while a poorly designed package can do quite the opposite, encouraging your customer to ultimately choose something else. Let’s take a more in-depth look into the differences between the two.

Good Packaging Design is Attractive

Packaging design that is effective has to have a certain level of attractiveness to it. Yes, at the end of the day, the quality of your product is what matters most, but you have to remember — first time customers have no frame of reference for your product and therefore have no idea of the level of quality that you may offer them. For this reason, good packaging design can work in your favor, initially attracting the attention of a potential customer through its design alone.

Good Packaging Design Is Informative

In addition to giving your brand or product a good physical representation, good packaging design should also be able to inform your customers of what exactly they are looking at. While photos can give your customer a decent frame of reference for the product or service that they are considering, combining a great visual representation with great words will work in your favor greatly. Whether it’s informing your customer of the quality of the product that they are considering, the origins of your business or some combination of the two, by giving your customer a decent amount of information, they’ll feel confident in their purchase.

Good Packaging Design Can Be the Deciding Factor

Especially when it comes to first-time customers, when deciding between two similar products from different brands, packaging design can help the customer make up their mind, and in some cases, even be the deciding factor. Whether it’s because your packaging design was physically appealing, informative, or some combination of the two, this can be a very crucial element for your product.

Bad Packaging Design Is Bland

On the opposing side, bad and ineffective packaging design is bland. While bland may not necessarily mean ugly or unattractive, bland packaging design has a tendency to blend in amongst the others, or in some cases, go completely unnoticed. Whether it’s an overall poor use of graphic aesthetics, colors, or fonts, poorly designed product packaging can encourage a buyer to ignore it completely.

Bad Packaging Design Is Confusing

Additionally, poorly designed product packaging is the opposite of informative. As we stated earlier, good packaging design does a fantastic job of informing a customer about the product itself, your business, or both. Bad packaging design, however, leaves a customer with far too many questions. How is this product made? What sort of ingredients are in it? Who is the company that is responsible for this product? By leaving all these questions unanswered, you can very easily turn away many potential customers.

Bad Packaging Design Can Discourage a Buyer

As we stated earlier, bad packaging design can easily discourage a buyer. How many times have you personally held two or more items in your hands, trying to make a decision between them? Ultimately you make your decision, based on a variety of factors, with the quality of packaging design being one of these. If your product has poor packaging design, however, your potential customer will likely choose that of your competitor.

Those are just a few examples of the difference between good and bad packaging design. At the Crown Designs, we provide the Northern New Jersey region with top quality branding, illustration, and packaging design. We want to help make your brand or product stand out and look the absolute best. For more information on our branding and design services, contact us today.