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Spring is here, and with spring comes renewal. It may be time to update your packaging design, even if you don’t realize it yet. In part one of our blog series, we’ll look at a few reasons as to why you should update your product packaging design this spring.

Make A Subtle But Effective Change

Do you have a product that can’t sell any faster? Since launching it, has it been nothing but a success for you? How do you improve upon something that’s clearly working? Obviously, you don’t want to interfere with the complex cocktail of ingredients that has propelled your product to success, but being able to take things even further would be ideal. One way to do this is through packaging design. While some people feel as though there’s something to be said about a brand that’s kept the same logo, design and packaging since their inception, one great way to give your product a little freshening up is to change the packaging design. While the formula and/or ingredients of your product will remain the same, putting a new face on it will help you stay relevant and remind your customers that your brand is constantly moving forward by working to improve upon your products, even in ways as small as updating your packaging design.

Expanding Your Audience

Perhaps your business has reached a point where your success has allowed you to branch out from your initial demographic area. Perhaps you’ve only received distribution within the United States and now have the opportunity to expand your business to the international level. This is a great reason to update your packaging design! The trends and tastes of American consumers can differ greatly from those of consumers in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, and thinking that your original US packaging design will be as successful overseas as it is here is somewhat unrealistic. Do some research and then update your packaging design to fit in more naturally amongst the foreign markets. Additionally, some countries require information on their products that may not be required within the US, so, whether or not you want to do so, updating your packaging design may be required. Use this as an opportunity to help your products look their absolute best in the eyes of your consumer, no matter what the locale.

Change In Packaging

In a time where people are more concerned about the environment than ever, many brands are trying to find a way to make their packaging more environmentally friendly and less wasteful. The amount of recyclable materials that are available to us are far more numerous now than they were even a decade ago, and updating your packaging to reflect the new found environmental consciousness in our country can also be a great opportunity to give your packaging design an update as well. Chances are, these new materials will result in your packaging looking differently to begin with, you may as well change your design to better fit the new materials.

Product Packaging Design in New Jersey

Those are just three examples of things that you can do with product packaging design this spring. If you are looking for product packaging design services in New Jersey, the Crown Designs is here to serve all of your product and branding design needs. We will continue this in part two of our blog series, but until then, learn more about our New Jersey product and branding design agency by contacting The Crown Designs today.