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I came acoss this useful blog post from The Dieline which outlines 6 signs that is is time to update your product packaging. Please read below.

Top 6 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Packaging

By: Fred Richards, Kaleidoscope

Packaging, sadly, is one of the last things considered when it comes to the marketing mix. Advertising, PR events, stunts, social media and other “glamorous” initiatives seem to get preferential attention over the primary delivery of many brands—the package.

So when do you really know it’s time to reevaluate and update packaging graphics? What are the rules? We get a lot of questions regarding when and how to tackle packaging updates. Here are the top six signs it’s time to update (and pitfalls to avoid) based on 20+ years of experience.


Six years is adequate time for any package design to be considered for an update. Within that time, the category itself and the internal team responsible for the brand have evolved. Past decisions made for political reasons may no longer be relevant, and the brand may be aching for the assets needed to carry it through the next stage of its life. This is a critical distinction from the outdated and overused terminology of “evolution” or “revolution” of the brand’s articulation at shelf. An update should not be made for the sake of change or a fleeting trend. Marketers and designers should collaborate to carefully and respectfully craft the package design with the aim of tying it closely to a strategic positioning that is relevant to the consumer.
You can read the full blog post here

Adeola is an award winning graphic and packaging designer who designed packaging for brands such as Skippy, Farm Rich, Earth Best, and Alpina just to name few

Now branching off on her own, she has taken with her the expertise in branding and packaging design that she has obtained over the past 6 years of professional experience. Adeola studied at Montclair State University and received her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design with honors in 2011. During her time there Adeola also studied illustration and developed her ink and graphite illustration style. Adeola’s style of illustration also utilizes her eye and expertise in the design layout.